The JControl products implement modern Java technology and extremely compact imbedded hardware in one device. All devices are equipped with a high end microcontroller and they fit perfectly for measurement and control applications. The all-inclusive development and simulation software will help you to implement complex applications in a very easy way.

JControl/SmartDisplay 128k

The display with integrated Graphical User Interface!
The JControl/SmartDisplay (size: 76x42mm) provides a display unit with 128x64 dots as well as a JAVA-programmable microcontroller with 128kByte flash memory for user-specific applications. The white backlight is dimmable by software. It is very easy to integrate the JControl/SmartDisplay into an existing device by its two pin rows (2x12 pins). The device provides 12 freely programmable input and output signals (GPIOs); 8 of them may be used alternatively as analog inputs. Furthermore, two serial communication interfaces are provided, according to RS232 and I²C/SMBus. The JControl/SmartDisplay supports up to 10 function keys by its integrated analog keyboard decoder and an external buzzer. An evaluation board is available.

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JControl/SmartDisplay Evaluation Board (EVB)

The JControl/SmartDisplay Evaluation Board is a test and programming platform for the JControl/SmartDisplay. It provides all necessary components, needed to operate the JControl/SmartDisplay: A 5V-Voltage regulator, a RS232 interface (based on MAX232), buzzer, reset button, a cursor-like keyboard (up, down, left, right, select), connectors for all input and output signals as well as a wrap area for user-specific application circuits. The board is delivered without the JControl/SmartDisplay.

Data sheet
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