Control Panel with Touch


Industrial sewing machines are offering a tremendous functional range: Lots of values and parameters needs to be monitored and adjusted during operation. Hence, it becomes more and more important to provide intuitive-operable user interface.

The "BFT" is a freely-programmable control panel, especially developed for applications in sewing engineering. The development has been performed in co-operation with the manufacturer of industrial sewing machines Dürkopp-Adler. The control panel is realized by a 5.7" color LCD with touch panel, a control board on basis of a the Freescale ColdFIRE-Processor, various input and output ports as well as a high-quality plastic case. The device is operated by a finger's touch (Touch Panel). The screen design can be customized to any needs - because the device is programmable in JAVA. Hence, any screen design might be realized, using various user interface elements, pictures or fonts (Corporate Design). The interconnection link to the sewing machine is done by an integrated RS422 interface, using the FT1.2 protocol (IEC870). Additionally, a USB interface (host mode) for USB memory sticks as well as a PS2 interface is provided. Optionally, an ethernet interface might be assembled to integrate the device into existing IP intrastructures.