Touch-screen based control terminal with video image storage


The MOCT, developed for Siedle, is connected to an outdoor camera and records a video frame every door call. The built-in LCD monitor is used to display the pictures. Up to 32 pictures can be stored in the internal FLASH memory. The kick is that the MOCT is used as a freely configurable touch-screen based control terminal only by a simple touch on the display. It can be used to monitor all devices connected to the bus (EIB and YR). Additionally, the MOCT offers various alarm features, that will warn the residents of dangers occur. The integrated freely configurable bus gateway is used to connect communication objects across different bus systems.


  • Progressive embedded JAVA technology with JControl
  • Freely configurable graphical user interface with XML
  • Controllable by 4-wire touch screen
  • Multi field-bus support, e.g. EIB
  • Custom graphic control objects, custom fonts
  • Multilingual menu management
  • Firmware update via serial port
  • Extensive testing- and diagnostic functions
  • Motorola ColdFIRE processor, 2MB Flash, 4 MB DRAM
  • Extensive hardware functions realized by FPGA
  • Over-all power consumption: approx. 1.8W
  • Video signal processing in software:
  • Integrated JPEG image compressor