The PLAnalyzer is used to measure the transmission behaviour of a power-line communication network with up to nine network nodes. The device uses the Konnex PL132 protocol, communicating within the CENELEC-C-band. Different testmodes facilitating long-term measurements in master/slave mode. Finally, a measurement protocol is generated, which may be transferred and analyzed on a PC.

Figure 1 shows two PLAnalyzer modules, figure 2 shows some screenshots of the graphical user interface.

Figure 1: Zwei Two PLAnalyzer modules
Figure 2: Screenshots of the user interface

The PLAnalyzer is based on the JControl/PLUI, with a specific analyzing software written in JAVA. Setting all system parameters, e.g. master- or slave-mode, network- and house-address, device id, analyzing method, test interval etc. is done by a comfortable graphical user interface. A typical test case could be the simulation of several home appliances, connected to a power-line network. Thus, every device is represented by a PLAnalyzer module.